Nocturnal Hypoxemia: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

A sound sleep is needed for rejuvenating the mind and body after hectic schedules we all get engrossed with on an everyday basis. The fast-paced life, exhausting work schedules, and rigorous day ins and day outs call for a restful night’s sleep to regain the stamina for a productive tomorrow. However, this may not seem […]

Hypersomnia vs. Narcolepsy: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Narcolepsy VS Hypersomnia

Quite bewildering yet distinguishing—yes, the two terminologies refer to two different sleep conditions. It’s difficult to distinguish between the two without an expert’s help and guidance. Nonetheless, a few symptoms, causes and treatments could give you a picture of what exactly are we talking about. Starting from the Basic Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that […]

Is Narcolepsy A Disability? A Complex Guide

Is Narcolepsy A Disability

INTRODUCTION Narcolepsy stands as a distinctive neurological condition, affecting a notable portion of the population, approximately 1 in every 2,000 individuals. Unpredictable and uncontrollable sleep episodes are one of the most conspicuous ways that this complex disorder presents itself. These abrupt shifts into sleep can cause problems for relationships, everyday activities, and the general quality […]