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Home Sleep Center’s acclaimed doctors excel in designing personalized treatment plans to consult patients virtually.

Sleep Apnea

We offer tailored solutions for effectively diagnosing and improving sleep apnea to revolutionize sleep care.

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We enhance sleep quality by providing effective insomnia treatment for lasting improvements in restorative sleep.
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Home Sleep Study

Take our user-friendly single-night sleep test from the comfort of your own bed to determine if CRAP therapy is suitable for you. Trust Home Sleep Center for personalized insights.

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Step in with a smile! Home Sleep Centers eagerly welcomes you.

Home Sleep Center is committed to advancing sleep solutions and focuses on increasing your sleep quality. Explore our Telehealth Sleep Center, where user-friendly services and accurate sleep diagnostics collaborate to improve your overall sleeping experience.

Choose Home Sleep Center to start your journey towards restful sleep with our detailed sleep tests tailored to your needs. Trust our experts on the path to better health with personalized Sleep Health Telemedicine services.

Discover Our Innovative Sleep Solutions

With Home Sleep Center’s revolutionary Home Sleep Test, you can understand your sleep pattern and improve the quality of your sleep.

Once you’re ready for this exciting new experience, we offer quick setup and attentive monitoring via our latest sleep diagnostic equipment. While you sleep quietly, the Home Sleep Test, which incorporates Sleep Health Telemedicine, collects crucial sleep characteristics for comprehensive research.

Explore the simplicity of affordable at-home tests designed primarily to detect sleep apnea. Investigate the Telehealth Sleep Center’s potential for comprehensive sleep treatments. Get personalized sleep tests suited to your comfort at Home Sleep Center, leading you toward a refreshed tomorrow and assuring better sleep.

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Dr. Joshua Roland

Dr. Joshua Roland MD, FAASM

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Dr. Gulraiz Matlub MD

Dr. Jamila Battle MD

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A Telehealth Sleep Center is a medical facility or service that provides sleep-related consultations, assessments, and treatments through telehealth technology. Instead of requiring patients to visit a physical location, a Telehealth Sleep Center allows individuals to access sleep-related healthcare services remotely, typically through videoconferencing or other virtual communication tools.
“A telehealth sleep consultation works by leveraging digital communication technology to connect patients with sleep specialists remotely.
1- Appointment Scheduling
2- Confirmation and Information Sharing
3- Virtual Connection
4- Consultation
5- Review of Medical History
6- Recommendations and Treatment Plans
7- Prescriptions and Follow-up”
“Handling prescriptions through telehealth for sleep medications involves a careful and secure process to ensure patient safety and compliance with regulations. Here’s a general overview of how prescriptions are typically managed during telehealth sleep consultations:
1- Initial Assessment:The sleep specialist conducts a thorough assessment during the telehealth consultation to understand the patient’s sleep-related issues, medical history, and any potential contraindications.
2- Evaluation of Need for Medication:Based on the assessment, the sleep specialist determines if prescription sleep medications are necessary for the patient’s treatment. They consider factors such as the severity of the sleep disorder, the impact on the patient’s daily life, and potential non-pharmacological interventions.
3- Prescription Issuance:If the sleep specialist determines that a prescription is warranted, they issue the prescription electronically through secure and compliant channels. This may involve sending the prescription directly to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice.
4- Pharmacy Coordination:The patient is informed about the prescription and advised to choose a pharmacy where they can pick up the medication. The sleep specialist may coordinate with the selected pharmacy to transmit the prescription.”

Home Sleep Center in California, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina provides cutting-edge telemedicine services for sleep wellness. Personalized consultations, ground-breaking home sleep testing, and precision treatment plans are all part of our expertise. We emphasize simplicity and offer complete and personalized solutions to transform your sleeping experience.

Yes, Telehealth Sleep Center in multiple locations like California, Florida, and Ohio, and North Carolina are subject to licensing and regulation by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). This ensures that they meet specific standards for quality of care and patient safety.

At Home Sleep Center, we place a premium on ensuring your convenience and delivering high-quality care. We gladly welcome a diverse range of insurance plans, encompassing Cigna, Blue California, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Tricare, HealthNet, United Healthcare, and Medicare, for our telehealth sleep consultations. Rest assured, we also accommodate self-payment options for those without insurance, striving to make comprehensive sleep consultations easily accessible to all.
Conveniently schedule your telehealth appointment with Home Sleep Center. Utilize our website or contact our dedicated line to book your virtual consultation. Experience the simplicity of online scheduling for personalized sleep assessments and transformative telemedicine services.